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reducing your energy costs...

whether it's your business, or your home, reducing energy costs is a simple goal with complex solutions

we help both businesses and consumers to achieve energy self-sufficiency and reduce their costs, using brilliant technology that pays for itself

Squirrel Energy Services

FREE Boilers & Insulation funded and installed through UK Government ECO funding

Squirrel Boilers

Highly efficient, Natural Gas & LPG Warmhaus Boilers supplied & installed across the UK

Squirrel Energy - Energy Generation

Solar, turbine and storage solutions, along with local grants & project funding

Squirrel Energy - Land

Land and property sourcing for large scale generation & storage projects

Our work shown on BBC Breakfast


How much of the energy you use is renewable?

If you just take your electricity from the grid then it is around 40%, but you can change that. Squirrel Energy can help you generate your own energy from solar, wind or biomass.

Generating your own energy can be far cheaper, far better for the environment, and can add to your company's sustainability credentials.

Speak to Squirrel Energy about how you can generate your own energy

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