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Here at Squirrel Energy, we can advise on how your business can be as energy efficient as possible.

Whether you're wanting to improve your company's green credentials or simply wanting to reduce your energy costs. Squirrel Energy can audit and analyse your energy usage, recommend solutions to reduce your consumption, and provide solutions to reduce your costs by generating energy on your premises.

We also provide solutions for funding your future energy generation through grants, finance and power purchase agreements.

The first step is to have a conversation and see how we can help?

Commercial Solutions

Solar Energy

Powering your business from the sun can hugely reduce your business energy costs.

Employing your roof to produce energy can provide a very cost effective solution, and give your business a tremendous return on investment.

We can often also offer a power purchase agreement, so you can benefit from solar without any capital investment.

Wind & gas turbines

If you can't benefit from solar, or you need additional energy on top of solar, we can look to other technologies to produce energy cheaper  and with less carbon than the grid.

Our experts will work with you to optimise your energy usage and look to wind, biomass, or gas turbines to generate locally.

Squirrel will provide you with a full financial analysis of all your energy options.

Battery Storage

Battery storage is an emerging technology available to customers who want to store their electricity or time shift any local generation into times of greatest demand.

Squirrel Energy also work with landowners to deploy funded grid connected battery storage, often onto land not suitable for traditional property development because of its size or location.

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