Great combi/system boilers from a global heating brand
Warmhaus Enerwa Plus

A very capable range of gas adaptive boilers for all UK homes

Built to high standards, with components you would expect in much more expensive boilers
Great products built by Warmhaus and supported in the UK by Squirrel Energy

Energy Efficient

A very efficient range of boilers, which in operation, out perform most of the much more expensive competition.

Easy to install

Built with the installer and service agent in mind, Warmhaus boilers are some of the easiest around to fit, commission, and service.

Advanced capabilities

An adaptive gas valve, and smart software make the boilers some of the most advanced on the market.

Competitive pricing

Like for like comparison with other boilers, Warmhaus are extremely competitively priced and a great product to provide to your customer.

A look inside our brilliant Warmhaus boilers

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