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Domestic Solutions

At Squirrel Energy, we have many years experience delivering energy efficiency into homes across the UK. This ranges from solar battery generation, through insulation and to highly efficient boilers and electric infra-red heating. Our focus is always upon reducing energy consumption in a cost efficient manner, measures that reduce expenditure on energy and the impact on the environment for the long term.

Domestic Solutions

Solar  &  battery

The original Squirrel concept, to collect energy from the sun, store it in a battery, and save money, "Collect, Store  and Save" It's that simple, generating your own energy, on your own home, will become normal and self sufficiency is now affordable and possible.

Todays solar panels and the latest battery storage solutions are capable of supplying a significant percentage of your homes electricity requirements.


Having effective insulation in your home is key to keeping your fuel bills low. Loosing the heat you are putting into your home, can often be your biggest energy cost. So making sure the heat you pay for, is actually keeping you warm, through effective insulation and draught proofing, is key. 

Squirrel Energy can advise on insulating your home, and how grants and ECO funding can perhaps help to pay for these enhancements and reduce you energy costs.

Heating Systems

Heating your home is an essential part of living, and doing this as economically, and enviromentally friendly, as possible can have a positive impact all round. Here at Squirrel we can advise and supply the most energy efficient heating solutions, from traditional gas boilers through to new infra-red systems and everything in between.

Our partners such as Warmhaus produce some of the most energy efficient heating systems available.

A look inside our brilliant Warmhaus boilers

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